Monday, September 29, 2008

The Nuke Deal...

The much awaited and the much talked about nuke drama finally coming to an end, or lets say happy end.. ! The hard negotiations and lobbying by the government finally paying off as the deal has already been approved by the house of representatives and due to get through the senate as well.

Much has been written and we all know what we tend to gain. The access to nuclear technology, the fuel and all the know how.

But when I sit back and think about it, just imagine how hard it would be for our scientists, who have put years of research and hard work behind developing our own thorium based technology. They have succeeded in the first phase and we are having running thorium based reactors at a couple of places. They also have developed the prototypes of converting this thorium into enriched uranium and using it for production of power on a larger scale.

These are the people who put in their lives into the project they love and I am really not sure whether they have any enthusiasm to continue with it. Anyways, our spending on the R&D isn't the highest and this deal will certainly result into reductions of that I guess. Try putting in our selves into their places. Its not that easy man..!

Even otherwise, in how many sectors we have promoted and succeeded in developing indigenous technologies? I can think of only space and our software industries. All the core sectors like manufacturing and hard core design still depends upon the foreign technologies. And worst, we are not even trying to address this issue. There are hardly a couple of organizations in the country which actually carry out any serious research activities.

May be this is one area which we need to address. Or wait ! Should we focus on quality primary education first?

As Robert Frost rightly said, "Miles to go before I sleep".. !

Till next time,