Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fellow L&Tites....!

Its been more than 17 months since i ve been in lnt... let me introduce to you some of the best characters and friends i ve met during this little journey so far... !

Varun ...... !

Weirdo... a complete one.. in case of any doubt just have a look at his orut profile (click here) and you will know how he manages to top the list by a huge margin.. !! I met him first on the first day of my office when we were waiting to be interviewed by our boss or 'D' as he's better known as. We were placed into the same department. Though initially i found him to be a normal one, he crashed all my notions when i started knowing him more. It is still difficult for me sometimes to understand his comments let alone laugh at it.. !! ( may be i am a dumbo..!! but for the time being we will ignore that fact.. ! ) The guy has a totally different and Weird view for whtever subject u r talking about.. !!

But then, he's pure at heart.. and i am sure the girl who finds him... ( as he's cant find one..!!) is bound to be his second love as the first place is occupied by his college and college life.. i have never seen a guy so obsessed about his colloge life and friends and the mastis.. And from the little things that he has shared with me it does seem justified...

He's full of patience and not complaining, as is clear from his still continuing in job and Watching thge first day show of Aap Ka Suroor with me.........!!!!! the great movie of great HImessssss.....!!

Good luck dude...!!

(to be continued....)

Sunday, January 6, 2008


Well.. thts wht i am.. a certified mechanical engineer. I have been working in one of india's best engineering company. These are the companies that recruit the best talents available from all the leading colleges across the country. And how exactly are they being utilised.... ????? ( this dsnt really mean my being counted as one of india's best talents.. there are always exceptions.... ! really... :) )

i've seen many of my brightest class mates being put in to the departments where there is nothing really to conquer.. there are guys who have won at national and internatinoal level technical competetions and instead of putting them whtever little origninal technical things the indian companies are doing, they are put in to what may be callesd routine clerk-like work. I really wonder whether.. we really do not want any self sufficiency as far as technology is concerned.. or may be they are dumb, simply not able to identify the talent available. And not many of them are expected to continue much longer.Brain Drain, which we percived as the phenomenan of the previous generation, seems obvious.Brain Drain, which we percived as the phenomenan of the previous generation, seems obvious. Added to these, there are software firms which recruits the non-IT engineers as well.

I wonder whether the present system of education is really relevant in the rapidly changing present scenario. The softwares are taking all the good technical talents. And others arent relly interested much either..

With the software boom expected to continue for ateast some more time.. those people should find some ways to fill up the huge manpower requirement.. anyways.. they are turning a non - IT engineer in to a software professinal just in 6-8 months.. it should not take more than 12 months to turn the normal commerce/science graduates with good communication skills to be employable.
May be this will help building the huge gap between the graduates and shortage of employable people.. !!