Monday, October 20, 2008

The Choice...

Scene 1:

Q: So dhruvin, why do you want to go in for a sales and marketing profile?
Ans: Sir, I think I am good at Execution. I have been involved in various execution projects during my job as well as engineering and I really do not feel comfortable while planning out things. I believe I am good at and also like to maintaining lasting relationships with people. I have been travelling a lot and have enjoyed it thoroughly. Plus operations and IT are not my favourites. And I am not really good at numbers. So i believe I am best suited for S&M.

1 day later:

Q: So dhruvin, why do you want to go in for a finance profile?
Ans: Sir, Whatever little I have learnt till now, in our accounting, macro economics and finance subjects, I have found my self comfortable with the same and also found it interesting. I am interested in stock markets too and have been an investor for nearly 2 years now. IT and operations aren't my favourites. And I believe, I lack the creativity and the witty and smart sense of talking, as characterized in any marketing job. Combined these, I believe finance would be the most suitable career for me.

Now, what the hack.. !

I had developed these answers essentially for the summers, but actually have ended up believing in both of them !!! What to do.. !

I remember my engineering days where in we studied not less than 48 subjects - Design, Manufacturing, Refrigeration, Air conditioning, Thermal Engineering, Metallurgy, Fluid Engineering and what not.. ! All I used during my work were some concepts of half a chapter of a power plant engineering book.. !- Domkundwar.. ! I still remember.. !! :)

So the point is, does that really make a difference to think and make an informed choice.. ! If I had really liked design, did I have an option to join a firm which offered me a design job.. ! Nah, We dint have that luxury - at least at that time..

But may be, better to make an informed choice.. As they have rightly said, "Destiny is a matter of choice.. " !

So, well, i guess I'll have to start thinking over it again from scratch. And hopefully would come up with an answer at least by the time i have to opt for one of them.

Meanwhile, when you've taken this much of a pain to read up til here and I am sure you do know me as you have been able to locate this obscure blog, why don't you suggest something.. ! And I am serious about it.. ! :)

Cheers.. !

Till next time,


PS: Read this a while ago - "Ask for what you want - you may get it.. ! " :)

Friday, October 10, 2008

The BT- Breakup Therapy

Now, as a rule of thumb most people think that all the spicy things that people write in their blogs are actually incidents from their own lives. So let me make it very clear - This isn't about me, ok? I just wish i have had someone to breakup with.. ! :)

Anyways, we all hear this word a hell lot of a times, from different people. Firstly, there are , lets say, poor people - or emotional people, who actually break down when there is a breakup. Then, we have those smart people who, i believe, feel kinda proud when they breakup and use it as a stepping stone to achieve higher girls; oops sorry; goals, in life. And we have a third kind of people who just feel like breaking up and then again tying up with the same person. I really call these people as maniacs and I am yet to understand their philosophy.. !

But sometimes, I am just amazed by some of these people when they willingly or unwillingly use this to achieve some higher goals - Personal or more often professional ones.

May be we could make this concept commercial. Charge a nominal fees and get people on a common platform -Provide them with atmosphere and incentives to first enter into a relationship., continue it for some time. Then systematically through variety of means to break it up.

Who knows, if PT hasn't been working for you all long, BT might just do the trick.. ! :)

Cheers.. !

Till next time,


PS: the blog is intended to purely to give space to the random thoughts. Any efforts to find any meaning out of it are strictly prohibited.:)