Sunday, August 31, 2008

Problen Solving

After all, A manager is supposed to be a problem solving man.. ! :)

PS: The image has been put up for the sole purpose of fun. No charges of plagiarism shall be entertainned. :)

Cheers.. !
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Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lnt Memories - 2 - The Encounter...

There are a few incidents in one’s life which gets embedded in to the hard disk of a human brain. Describing one such incident – don’t worry, just the highlights :)

It was the first day at my job after a weeklong series of presentations and finally I was assigned to a department and was waiting to meet the head. He was in fact the vice president of the unit. There were seven of us waiting in the nearby meeting room of the den where the lion resided.

As it had to be, I was chosen as the first casualty and he called me in.

Contrary to all the expectations about being welcomed in the department and blah-blah, this moron dint smile once. Within the first two minutes I scored and so got my first promotion right there – from a GET to “Bloody Bugger”. And it was just the starting. As I enlightened him with some quality mechanical engineering knowledge, I kept on getting the adjectives during that interview which perhaps were too personal to be written over here. Still I’ll give you some of the sixes that he hit on me.

Dialogue 1: “Gentleman, If all what you think would have been true, half the girls of this world would have been raped”

Dialogue 2: “You bugger, if you are masturbating in a river and it happens that a nude woman is standing in the same river, and by chance if she gets pregnant, that doesn’t mean you have raped her.”

Dialogue 3: “Do you think electrical engineers have bigger balls than you?”
I was about to faint when he finally let me out of the cabin.

Subsequently, came to know that it was a routine and I just faced the trailer whereas the other bosses went on a for full movie..!! :)

PS: Now this is what you call the real OB and effective communication...!

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Friday, August 22, 2008

LnT Memories - 1

22 months in LnT and baroda has been one of the most memorable experience of my life so far. Have learnt a lot during this period in both professional as well as personal life. Lemme introduce you in my subsequent posts to some of the most valuable friends / interesting personalities i met during that period.

Shubhankar Das:

Better known as Shubu...!!
If at all there exists some friends with the right spirit and with out any ill motives, i have ever met... he comes nearest in the cadre..! A true hostellite with an all time smiley face, bundle of best buddies, very little 'Hava', full of an optimistic attitude towards life.. ! And of course.. a 110 % open johari window...!!! Today learnt about connecting with people while communicating in the MOC class. This guy is the best example for that.

He's one of the biggest flirt i have seen..!! and very irritating at times with an all time sadu smile that probably girls like...!! But the guy is pure at heart...! and perhaps too pure for which perhaps he's paid.. ! He never quits though........!!! :)

Till next time,

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Interesting One liners..

There are some one liners which sometimes you really wonder about or rather at once you notice and remember. Following is what I remember.

  • Most girls smell nice after taking bath, irrespective of the soaps they use.
  • While hugging a girl, if you try to smell her hair, it means you are in love with her.. !
  • I fall in love for the following reason.
    o Everything is fair in love and war. So just to get some fairness :)
  • Life screws – Just when you think you figured it out.
  • Do not worry if your world ends today. It is already tomorrow in Australia..! :)

Cheers.. !


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Deserve what you get.. !

Thats's what one of our profs. mentioned today and it stuck me right through.

We all have been fortunate enough to be what we are today and there are more number of variables that affected this than perhaps we can ever imagine. And its not us who arranged them in that particular order. Its the ultimate power, whom someone recognize as God, which arranges the variables and formulates the best equation for our lives.
Atleast this has been true with my life so far. There have been setbacks and so the urge to rise above them. Its all seem to be planned. Seems like you just have to keep on walking and the path will change its own direction guiding you exactly about your whereabouts and destination. I think we all have experienced this kind of harmony at some or the other point of life time.
We owe a lot to these happenings and to the world around us. Let us strive to help each other and to make this world a place a little better than what we got it as. Let is try to deserve what we have got.. !
Cheers.. !

Opposite Sex.. !

Now I don't know whether you have observed this, but as per my survey, every 3 out of 4 blogs have written something or the other about the opposite sex - read women - in their posts. And more often, they invariably touch the same old subjects - Extra shopping, silly talks and strange habits like blah blah blah and all.. !! Lemme do my own little contribution.

  1. Go to a party or any gathering and see a bunch of guys standing together. Invariably we think of them as the poor fellows without any option.. ! And sometimes despos. However, be it a group of girls standing in a corner and muttering some stupid things, the site changes from sadness to something really cute.. !
  2. Imagine a close up of a lady having a strawberry. Or for that matter ice cream or any other thing. You cant help but keep gazing it for sometime with the eyes wide open. The only difference if moi or for that matter any other poor little male poses like that, you'll still be amazed but only with the mouth wide open..
  3. The stupidity is attractive. Yes, trust me, i have seen at least a dozen guys telling me that stupid girls are more attractive than the intelligent ones. Ever heard of a stupid attractive guy.. !?
Surely, behavioural science is a complex subject.. !

Cheers.. !


Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Himess Rocks.. !

He really does...!

There are some people whom you just can not ignore, and surely he's one such personality. (the moment i changed my orkut profile with the above title.. the poor little and mostly sleeping scrapbook of mine was overwhelmed with people lining up for critisizing the poor fellow me.. ! including some of those who had not scrapped me for months.. ! )

Well, I have no doubts when i say i like him as a music director and to an extent as a singer. The facts prove themselves.. Starting from pyar kiya to darna kya.. tere nam.. aashique banaya apne... aksar... china town.. tom dick and herry.. and aap ka surror.. Namastey London and more than 50 0ther movies.. this cant be a record of some musician by chance.. Some of them have been a huge hit.
Consider following points.
  1. His songs are completely original, unlike some of the best known music directors of bollywood.
  2. The Music he has provided is awesome. Some of them atleast. Even his critics have approved of that.
  3. He has developed an entirely new class of songs for bollywood which is an achievement in itself. Call it indian rock whtever name.
  4. I do not care where the voice comes from. No body claims him to be the classical champ or something.. !

A national joke, he deserves much more than that. He may be too dramatic, may be crazy at times. But its ok i guess. After all its his true love story. ! :)

Let us not critisize someone just for the sake of it.

Cheers.. !


Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Marathon..

Human brain is a funny thing. At times, when u really feel pissed off, it can get out of you a philosopher - a damn good one..
Lemme just put it here one such incident, which happened today.

You run for a college first. The moment you enter it, you start to prepare yourself for a better resume. Be a member of various clubs, committees, elections, and somehow you convince the interview panel about your excellent networking and team work skills. Not to mention those great communication skills. Congrats. You’ve passed the first stage. But it doesn’t end here. It just gets bigger with impressing the boss. And it just goes on – sometimes the parents, sometimes the teachers, sometimes the society, sometimes friends and what not.. ! (Even bollywood – remember? Pappu can’t dance sala... ! J)

Someone has rightly said, "It’s good to have an end to a journey, but finally it’s the journey that matters". I couldn’t have agreed more. At times, each one of us feels we are sacrificing some of the best moments of life in search of virtually something we don’t even know. We just don’t care about the things that we like the most.

May be this needs a bit more thinking. But as I just remembered my mid terms starting in a day or two, I guess we’ll postpone this. J

Till next time.

Cheers... !