Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Deserve what you get.. !

Thats's what one of our profs. mentioned today and it stuck me right through.

We all have been fortunate enough to be what we are today and there are more number of variables that affected this than perhaps we can ever imagine. And its not us who arranged them in that particular order. Its the ultimate power, whom someone recognize as God, which arranges the variables and formulates the best equation for our lives.
Atleast this has been true with my life so far. There have been setbacks and so the urge to rise above them. Its all seem to be planned. Seems like you just have to keep on walking and the path will change its own direction guiding you exactly about your whereabouts and destination. I think we all have experienced this kind of harmony at some or the other point of life time.
We owe a lot to these happenings and to the world around us. Let us strive to help each other and to make this world a place a little better than what we got it as. Let is try to deserve what we have got.. !
Cheers.. !


Sarath said...

Sometimes I too feel that I crib a lot about the things which i could not get, rather than feel good about those which I have.

Getting Philosophical, Haa???

Dhruvin Dashani said...

@ Sarath
Yah.. have been feeling this for a long. thought would just give it a word..! :)

himjaa said...

some good use of internet around here, it seems...!!!!! good going...!!!!

Dhruvin Dashani said...

@ himjaa
Thank you dear.. ! :)

Sudharsan Narayanan said...

Chal Dhruvin bhai yeh sab blogging chor aur mashal chal