Friday, August 22, 2008

LnT Memories - 1

22 months in LnT and baroda has been one of the most memorable experience of my life so far. Have learnt a lot during this period in both professional as well as personal life. Lemme introduce you in my subsequent posts to some of the most valuable friends / interesting personalities i met during that period.

Shubhankar Das:

Better known as Shubu...!!
If at all there exists some friends with the right spirit and with out any ill motives, i have ever met... he comes nearest in the cadre..! A true hostellite with an all time smiley face, bundle of best buddies, very little 'Hava', full of an optimistic attitude towards life.. ! And of course.. a 110 % open johari window...!!! Today learnt about connecting with people while communicating in the MOC class. This guy is the best example for that.

He's one of the biggest flirt i have seen..!! and very irritating at times with an all time sadu smile that probably girls like...!! But the guy is pure at heart...! and perhaps too pure for which perhaps he's paid.. ! He never quits though........!!! :)

Till next time,

Cheers.. !


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Sarath said...

Some points from my side.

subu - die-hard romantic movie fan, shahrukh fan, text message addict, the networker, friend of friends and many more.