Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lnt Memories - 2 - The Encounter...

There are a few incidents in one’s life which gets embedded in to the hard disk of a human brain. Describing one such incident – don’t worry, just the highlights :)

It was the first day at my job after a weeklong series of presentations and finally I was assigned to a department and was waiting to meet the head. He was in fact the vice president of the unit. There were seven of us waiting in the nearby meeting room of the den where the lion resided.

As it had to be, I was chosen as the first casualty and he called me in.

Contrary to all the expectations about being welcomed in the department and blah-blah, this moron dint smile once. Within the first two minutes I scored and so got my first promotion right there – from a GET to “Bloody Bugger”. And it was just the starting. As I enlightened him with some quality mechanical engineering knowledge, I kept on getting the adjectives during that interview which perhaps were too personal to be written over here. Still I’ll give you some of the sixes that he hit on me.

Dialogue 1: “Gentleman, If all what you think would have been true, half the girls of this world would have been raped”

Dialogue 2: “You bugger, if you are masturbating in a river and it happens that a nude woman is standing in the same river, and by chance if she gets pregnant, that doesn’t mean you have raped her.”

Dialogue 3: “Do you think electrical engineers have bigger balls than you?”
I was about to faint when he finally let me out of the cabin.

Subsequently, came to know that it was a routine and I just faced the trailer whereas the other bosses went on a for full movie..!! :)

PS: Now this is what you call the real OB and effective communication...!

Cheers ...!

Till Next time.

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Sarath said...

I remember you telling me this. It is a change to have such memories of a job.