Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Marathon..

Human brain is a funny thing. At times, when u really feel pissed off, it can get out of you a philosopher - a damn good one..
Lemme just put it here one such incident, which happened today.

You run for a college first. The moment you enter it, you start to prepare yourself for a better resume. Be a member of various clubs, committees, elections, and somehow you convince the interview panel about your excellent networking and team work skills. Not to mention those great communication skills. Congrats. You’ve passed the first stage. But it doesn’t end here. It just gets bigger with impressing the boss. And it just goes on – sometimes the parents, sometimes the teachers, sometimes the society, sometimes friends and what not.. ! (Even bollywood – remember? Pappu can’t dance sala... ! J)

Someone has rightly said, "It’s good to have an end to a journey, but finally it’s the journey that matters". I couldn’t have agreed more. At times, each one of us feels we are sacrificing some of the best moments of life in search of virtually something we don’t even know. We just don’t care about the things that we like the most.

May be this needs a bit more thinking. But as I just remembered my mid terms starting in a day or two, I guess we’ll postpone this. J

Till next time.

Cheers... !


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