Thursday, July 31, 2008

It happened again.. !

And this time it was when i saw a couple of real good blogsites.. and thought about not-so-happening moi own lil site...
I remember it happened first when i was a kid, and we used to play cricket. I wanted to be like the best batsman around.. ! and it happened again when someone scored higher than me.. it happened again wen someone painted better than me.. when someone could talk freely with the opposite sex.. the list goes on.. !

Not that i just think and do not make any efforts, but the seemingly SUPPLY curve just transcends to be a SINUSOIDAL curve..! :)

lemme try once more and see whether this time i can maintain it straight.. !

Cheers.. !



Khanjan said...

You posted 8 after that!!! Congo!! But that's no more than 1 per 3.875 days...

Dhruvin Dashani said...

@ Khanjan

yeah.. !! Will try to improve the ratio for sure. Inspirations like this - thts precisely wht i need.. :)