Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Himess Rocks.. !

He really does...!

There are some people whom you just can not ignore, and surely he's one such personality. (the moment i changed my orkut profile with the above title.. the poor little and mostly sleeping scrapbook of mine was overwhelmed with people lining up for critisizing the poor fellow me.. ! including some of those who had not scrapped me for months.. ! )

Well, I have no doubts when i say i like him as a music director and to an extent as a singer. The facts prove themselves.. Starting from pyar kiya to darna kya.. tere nam.. aashique banaya apne... aksar... china town.. tom dick and herry.. and aap ka surror.. Namastey London and more than 50 0ther movies.. this cant be a record of some musician by chance.. Some of them have been a huge hit.
Consider following points.
  1. His songs are completely original, unlike some of the best known music directors of bollywood.
  2. The Music he has provided is awesome. Some of them atleast. Even his critics have approved of that.
  3. He has developed an entirely new class of songs for bollywood which is an achievement in itself. Call it indian rock whtever name.
  4. I do not care where the voice comes from. No body claims him to be the classical champ or something.. !

A national joke, he deserves much more than that. He may be too dramatic, may be crazy at times. But its ok i guess. After all its his true love story. ! :)

Let us not critisize someone just for the sake of it.

Cheers.. !



Sarath said...

a heartfelt and emotional post. This guy loves himess like anything.. ooooooooooooooo.

himjaa said...

Deipte of all seems-to-be reasonalble arguments...i wud say.

Dhruvin Dashani said...

@ Himjaa
See.. That's exactly what i am defending.. There isn't really any reason.. ! :)