Friday, July 9, 2010

Naukri time.. !

Even after pondering for so much time, my menneger mind cant come up with a seemingly convincing excuse as to why I haven't been looking at my own home page for all this time. Pure Laziness, it says.

Lot of things contribute to this. First, as I have mentioned in my earlier posts, this blog really isn't about all the worldly matters and my opinion on them, because most of the times I dont have one. This space is reserved mainly to write about incidents of my life, which i believe would make a good read and some of the pondering which i occasionally do over different matters.

But anyways, let me start yet again.

The ball has rolled again. Files have replaced books. Cubicles have replaced classrooms. Colleagues surround in place of friends. Hotels have replaced the hostels. Oh, and of course, salary has replaced fees.. ! :) Well, its Naukri time again.. !

This fresh start in the corporate world has been different in many ways. The training / honeymoon period isn't the same. By the time you figure out the rules of the game, you are expected to have won it.. ! Highly demanding and challenging. ! Well, loving it so far.. ! :)

And the journey continues.

More to come.



1 comment:

Hiral said...

nice.. reminds me of my training days at tech M ... enjoying it - its good as its sucks later :)