Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Life at IIM..!

If there's one thing that has taken most of my time during the last four months - except sleeping of course- it has to be F-R-I-E-N-D-S ..!! It is simply awesome.. !:)

Filled with Emotions, Romance, Drama, Sex, Comedy, Beauties, Witty one liners, Joy and of course Joe..! This fun filled series really strike a cord with me.. !  


Now don't you expect me to analyze it as to why so and what was so different than the other similar ones.. ! I don't know and - honestly - I don't care.. ! 

I take it and like it for just what it is - like most of the other things.. ! Almost Everything.

Sometimes I really think whether I am too indifferent to most of the things. Is it really necessary to have opinions about these things, or rather EVERYTHING..!! ? I have seen people around who are genuinely knowledgeable and opined on these things - from the concepts of Mahabharata to Greek Culture to Movies to Cars to Cartoons to Books to Science and also, on almost all the persons around...!

And lemme tell you.. sometimes you feel like a complete waste and idiot when standing with them over a cup of coffee..!! 

I have felt this before and so have genuinely tried to improve too - or rather change myself - :) But it doesn't work out.. ! Really, I mean, I am fundamentally not interested in nor comfortable with banging my head on something which doesn't affect me.. at least not in any direct way.. ! 

So.. Live in the present. Care for the things around you. Try to be above the 'C' level and enjoy life.. ! :)

That's my little philosophy of life@IIM.

May be I am right. May be I am not. I don't know..! 

But does that matter too.. ???? :)

Cheers.. ! 

Till next time,



Sudharsan Narayanan said...

Tu Debasish aur Sai ki baat kar raha hai ya Tawade ki?

bns123 said...
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Bhavin said...
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Sarath said...

I am into "that 70's show" right now...