Sunday, November 16, 2008

The CAT Mania...

Its the D Day again.. ! The deciding dreaded day has come again.. ! And by the time I write this, has past also.. ! Hard work, speculation and fear are going to be replaced by excitement, hope  and relief. But hold on guys, as they say the real battle starts after CAT.

Millions of posts are being written on CAT and rightly so when you have more  than 2.5 Lacs people going for it with almost 15-20% increase every year.. ! And then there are social loafers like me who wont mind taking clues from various posts but would contribute little. Or may be, I just saved a lot of people from reading again the same old posts, full of strategies, advices and what not.. !! 

But anyways, I found myself writing this as I follow the events of the day closely. The 3 grand attempts aren't seem to be enough and I find my self, again, sitting down, opening PG and reading all the events and happening meticulously. Once a cattie, always a cattie.. ! :)

Invariably this reminds me of the last year, which I believed was going to be my last attempt for CAT. I had to get past this one. And with my abysmal performance in the earlier two, the stakes to prove one's self were even higher.. ! But then this time, the journey proved to be fruitful. All the jugglaries like cut offs, attempts, accuracy, score, rank, percentile, sectional, verbal, quant, RC and what not, finally seemed to favor my cause. At last, I did manage to pull it till the very end.. ! Fierce, sacred, respectable - The CAT - was belled.

Perhaps, this is the only exam, which involves a lot of emotions - as for most, like me, it becomes a question of to be or not to be until you crack it and unless you are some born intelligent, it'll take some time before finally managing it. The famous world "Meri Kahani" on PG proves as a testimony for that. Its worth to spend a few minutes to go through it. Some of them are a wonderfully written experiences.

Anyways, wish you all the takers, the very best for the results.. !! May the best man win...!

Till next time,

Cheers.. ! 



SOWMYA said...

WOW! I enjoyed reading this! Awesome. I can empathise. Have been taking CAT since the past two years and thrd attemt this. Congrats for having made it! :)

Dhruvin Dashani said...

@ Sowmya

Thank you..!:)