Saturday, November 1, 2008

The QT Disaster...

Nah.. this isn't about my pathetic quantitative technique grades... its rather about a 'Cutie Disaster'.. ! :)

Now, how many times do we imagine that the empty seat right next to us will house some cutie...!! All of us.. invariably.. !  And sometimes it does come out to be true... !! 

I remembered this incident just before a couple of days.. It was just on the previous Diwali, that i was going to Delhi for some stupid documentation work. I was pissed of as I would be reaching home just on the Diwali night. And so wasn't really excited about this trip.

So, coming to the point. I saw her standing right at the door of my compartment, presumably with his brother or boy friend. (Nah, it was her boy friend.) I checked up my seat, upper birth, and sat there without thinking much about her. 15 more minutes and the train started moving. And There she was in the same compartment..! Now she wasn't really breathtakingly beautiful or anything, but she was cute and was also travelling alone and had the upper birth just opposite to mine.. ! Also, given the average age of all the other passenger in the compartment was above 50, I was really looking forward for some conversation and was thinking about the same mentally...

Just around the same time, the famous men-in-black of the train came. A rather huge one. I showed my ticket and he moved on to check hers. As it turned out, the poor lady was desperately searching for her ticket. And as it turned out, the boyfriend had forgotten to hand over the ticket to her.. ! 

To avoid any scene, she went out and tried calling him in vain. TT wasn't in any mood to let go and even shouted on her a couple of times.. ! The veterans in our compartment started the gossip. ! "They were so busy with each other.. No wonder she forgot the ticket.. ! ", one lady commented. I just smiled wearily at her.

Poor lady came in and asked TT to wait for sometime till she figured out some way. She didn't have the cash too and was on the verge of crying. We offered to help but she didn't agree. Apparently, they found a way to deliver her the ticket through the Ratlam station master or some such arrangement and the matter was solved. she cried for about half an hour and then straight went up and slept till the time Delhi arrived. The fellow tried calling like 60 times but she wouldn't pick up..  :)

Bu anyways,  all the mental techniques I had started thinking on were a complete fiasco and all hopes shattered.. ! Once More.. !

nah... never mind... at least it kept me busy and occupied in otherwise a boring journey.. ! :)

Cheers.. !

Till next time,


PS: Does the above post make any sense.. !!!!!! ??


Sarath said...

it happened one day with me too, though I got to talk with the girl too...

Sudharsan Narayanan said...

Dhruvin bhai, U should have offered some solace while she was crying

Dhruvin Dashani said...

@ Sarath
Do girls commonly forget to carry their tickets.. !! ? :)

@ Sud
I'll keep that in mind sud.. ! Thanks.. ! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, you write well
Well now that i read this blog, i can dare to say that it could be a prob with girls. I once, forgot too.

Dhruvin Dashani said...

Thanks.. for the compliment.. and for validating my post.. ! :)

Niketa said...

didnt get to talk with her
poor You,,:)

Dhruvin Dashani said...

@ Niketa
Yeah.... Poor me...! :)

hiral said...

ratlam's station master...reminds me of something :) the movie jab we met..

nice one :)

dont knw abt ur while reading it felt interesting..:)

Dhruvin Dashani said...

@ Hiral

Yeah.. A bit disappointing.. but certainly interesting.. :)